Silicea Homeopathy

Most homeopathic remedies that people are aware of are derived from plants. Nonetheless, there are other effective homeopathic remedies made from minerals such as Silicea which is also known as silica or rock crystal.

Silicea homeopathySilicea homeopathy remedy is derived from flint or quartz. It is an essential component of cartilage and bone. As a homeopathy remedy, Silicea is commonly used to treat chronic conditions. Moreover, it is also an effective homeopathy remedy for relieving symptoms of seasonal ailments such as common colds, acne, skin inflammations and digestive disorders.  Like many other homeopathy remedies, silicea homeopathy is best suited for people with specific personality types. Silicea is known to work best for people who show character traits such as pliability, fear of failure, lack of direction and confusion.

Originally, Silicea homeopathy remedy was prepared from mountain quartz as it was proved by Hahnemann. Presently, it is chemically prepared using silicon dioxide, which is finally ground with lactose sugar until it is soluble in water. Silicea is prescribed to people who have such key symptoms as chronic infections, lack of confidence, bowel disorders, stubbornness, and indecisiveness. However, Silicea homeopathy remedy is used for other treatments. For instance backache associated with curvature of the spine and recurring inflammation and infections.

Silicea homeopathyBenefits of using Silicea include strengthening brittle hair and nails. Additionally, Silicea helps the body to remove foreign objects such as slivers and other debris from the skin. Hence, it is not surprising that it is commonly used to treat skin inflammations and blemishes. This homeopathy remedy can also heal general body weakness and anaemia.

People with implants or artificial components in their bodies should avoid using Silicea homeopathy remedies. Also, symptoms that benefit from Silicea homeopathy may worsen in cold weather conditions. Though this remedy is considered beneficial even to children, unlike many herbal treatments, it is always advisable to consult a physician before using it. Silicea homeopathy remedy is available in capsule form, powder extract and liquid form, which is most popular.